Our mission is to provide a strong foundation of education for young children in Ghana


The Challenge

In recent years, it has been firmly established that early foundational learning is critical for children’s later learning. In fact, a strong educational foundation is key to ensuring a future where children can adapt and thrive.

In Ghana, far too many children are not receiving the foundation they require to support them in their future academic, economic and social lives. They are leaving primary school with inadequate literacy, numeracy and other important life skills.

Only 2% or less of Ghanaian children in their second year of primary schooling can read with fluency and comprehension (2015 EGRA report). Ghana also ranks very low or at the bottom of the global ladder on mathematics and science (Ministry of Education Ghana).

Frustrated by the poor state of pre-secondary school education, especially amongst the poorest communities, Foundation First was created by a Ghanaian-UK team.

Our Impact

550+ teachers trained

270+ classrooms improved

19,800+ children receiving a solid educational foundation

"The Foundation First team are excellent trainers with a deep understanding of the content and how best to teach that content to the adults in our schools. Edify is grateful for the work of Foundation First and we hope to continue our partnership."

Paula A. Cordeiro, Vice-President for Education, Edify

"I strongly recommend Foundation First as a provider of quality early childhood education initiatives. Through their transformative training programme I have seen kindergarten classrooms in Central, Eastern and Greater Accra regions become places where young children are effectively developing necessary life skills through child-centred learning."

Core Principles of Our Work

children sat in classroom
Helping those who need it most

It’s our priority to work with the most deprived districts in Ghana, where children suffer the most from poverty and poor-quality education.

empowered teacher

Our training programmes focus on empowering teachers to take control of their own development, giving them the skills to think creatively about their methods.

shaking hands with community leaders

It is vital to the success of our projects that the whole community is engaged and invested in the transformation. With continuing support from the community, teachers are able to sustain and develop their successes.

Transforming Education In Ghana

Setting up model practice preschools

We work closely with educational authorities, communities and partners to establish model practice preschools in the most underprivileged districts of Ghana. These serve as examples of the best modern practices in early years education and as environments where teachers from across the districts can collaborate and develop their knowledge and skills.

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Providing teacher support services

We design and deliver teacher support services, such as training courses, in-classroom coaching and modelling, and teacher support manuals. These are aligned with the government of Ghana’s introduction of a standards-based curriculum and its general efforts to transform pre-secondary school education.

teachers providing training

Sharing our expertise

We share our early childhood and primary education expertise with educational practitioners and policy makers via forums, seminars and conferences so as to influence the rate of transformation of pre-secondary school education across the country.

teacher sharing expertise

Building partnerships

We build strong partnerships with other stakeholders to ensure inclusive and equitable quality education for children and to promote lifelong learning opportunities for all, so as to achieve greater impact together.

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Meet the Team

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Julia heads the UK board of trustees, is responsible for quality control, and performs both administrative and advisory duties. She ensures that our delivery model is sound and our results are impactful. She has worked as a teacher, teacher educator and education project/programme manager in many parts of the world, including Ghana.

godwin team photo


Godwin is our chief executive, founder and chief strategist. He develops our programmes, establishes relationships with partner organisations, and influences national pre-secondary school policy through engaging with key stakeholders. He has been a teacher, head teacher and manager with Ghana Education Service and has extensive experience in the NGO sector.

sabina team photo


As our training support and partnership officer, Sabina (alongside our master trainers) plans, prepares for and delivers our teacher training courses, provides practical in-classroom coaching in public and private schools, and liaises with our partner organisations. She is specialised in early childhood education.